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Our standards in business is getting the job done and we love challenges
We decide to do what we love by helping people getting there dream into reality
Limitless spirit give us the creativity we need to fix your daily business growth challenges

Momentum Digital

Sales and marketing team have limited time and human ressource even more. Our focus is on understanding my client needs and goals in order to propose solutions today that easily scale and automate task for our clients.

Recruiting & Staffing

We created and participated many go-to-market strategy. When is time to deploy them, we know how to build a qualify team with the right expertise.

Go-to-market strategy

Every project and ideas deserve simplicity and are unique. It is not what you do and how you do it, it’s about WHY you do it that will make a BIG différence.

Momentum business academy

From the top sales expert like Jack Daly we train sale team how to scale there result. Jack Daly books and expertise stands above all others. His energy is matched only by his genius and understanding about what makes the best sales growth organizations. It’s not commission strategies, it’s not about glossy sales materials; it is about PEOPLE!

CRM Software

Go beyond business intelligence software with augmented analytics for every industry and business user. Convert more leads, close more deals, and understand the health of your entire business with Sales Cloud CRM and tools.

Startup Services

Momentum help high-impact Canadian tech ventures grow and succeed. From startups to scale-ups by offering a range of services that help tech founders grow profitability.


A team player

Sales development strategist located in Canada
Created many growth plans and we have been part of many start-ups and companies.

Credible experience in the field
All our consultants have once made all the mistakes possible several times.

We started working and learning from the best in the world.


David Lessard

Sales growth strategist

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15 253 000

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Canadian professional athlete in coaching




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Latest book from the best business growth strategist in the world.


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We believe every entrepreneurs deserve success. We are specialy interested on SAAS projects fixing a specific problem.

Let’s Talk About Your Idea

We love to apply some Desing thinking and market testing before we invest time and money into it.

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We work with people with similar thinking and respect of our ideologies.

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